American Conservatory of Music School of Music Therapy
 One of America's Foremost Music Educators
The American Conservatory of Music is among
the oldest and most prestigious of conservatory
universities in America. The American Conservatory
is a tertiary degree granting institution of higher
learning offering undergraduate and graduate
degrees in music, theology, elocution, and
ecclesiastical law.

The American Conservatory of Music spans North
and Central America and offers a beautiful learning
atmosphere employing a close linkage between
student and teacher.

The Conservatory is authorized to confer degrees under the canon law and authority of the Eastern Orthodox Church under the laws of Belize, Central America.


Religious Considerations and Ecclesiastical Autonomy.

The Conservatory is accredited by the Régistre International des Conservatoires de Musique, in Zürich, Switzerland. RICM limits its accreditation to those conservatories which are generally recognized as among the fifty to one hundred most prominent in the world. Many U.S. colleges and universities are participants in Federal Title IV Funding. The Conservatory does not seek and will not accept any government funding program in the U.S. or elsewhere. Academic advancement in some institutions may require some form of government sanction over any given institution before accepting their degrees as valid. In some countries where the Conservatory has facilities, some forms of government licensing or recognition may be sought and obtained. Before entering into any program at the Conservatory a prospective candidate should clear this issue with any institution at which he or she would be seeking acceptance for a degree from the Conservatory.

Charter Founder of Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agency in Spring, 1924.

The Conservatory is the charter founder of the National Association of Schools of Music (“NASM”), and Conservatory directors and deans established ethical and programmatic standards that shape NASM's current accreditation standards. The Dean of Music Studies, Dr. Steven Reid, is well versed with NASM standards and procedures having acted as co-chair of the committee that sought and obtained renewal of NASM accreditation for South Carolina State University. The Greek Orthodox Church and its Canons applied to the operation of all Conservatory programs assures the maintenance of high standards and ethical conduct in its affairs.
The Dean of Asian Studies is committed to these principles and will vigorously support these standards for the benefit and welfare of students and graduates of the Music Therapy Program.