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 One of America's Foremost Music Educators
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Welcome to the School of Music Therapy.

Our dedicated faculty are committed to helping you be effective in the growing field of Music Therapy .

Our expert certified faculty will support your progress in the program.


You have found a unique school for music therapy. 

The American Conservatory of Music is among the oldest and most prestigious of conservatory universities in America. The American Conservatory is a tertiary degree granting institution of higher learning offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in music, theology, elocution, and ecclesiastical law.
The American Conservatory of Music spans North and Central America and offers a beautiful learning atmosphere employing a close linkage between student and teacher. The Music Therapy Program is offered exclusively by the Belize Campus under the Laws of Belize, Central America and the Canon Law of the Holy Orthodox Church.
  • Established in the year 1886 in Chicago, Illinois
  • Charter Founder (Spring, 1924) of the National Association of Schools of Music, a non-governmental Federally Recognized National Accrediting Agency
  • At the Forefront of Standards Development in "accreditation" Products Marketed by Regional and National (non-governmental) Non-profit Associations Recognized by the United States Department of Education
  • Internationally Accredited
  • Highly Acclaimed Faculty
  • Excellence in Music Education
  • At the Forefront of Music Research
  • At the Forefront of Music Therapy
  • Pulitzer Prize Winners
  • In the United States of America: The American Conservatory of Music is a Federally Recognized Religiously Managed University by Operation of 26 USCA 501(c)(3).  (All donations to the extent of Federal Law are fully tax deductible)

On these pages, you are about to discover a unique school that meets all your needs in pursuing a quality education enabling you to become the quintessential therapist.

The School of Music Therapy has the electricity of excitement.

  • Interesting subjects.
  • Personal attention.
  • The music of health and well-being is fully explored.
  • The ancient mysteries of healing are fully revealed.
  • Techniques for peaceful grace and cleansing of the whole person are shared.
  • Tap into creative secrets of the Creator, thus enabling unique gifts.
Belize Campus   Santa Elena
16 Maxi Street
Santa Elena, Belize Central America

Chicago Campus
252 Wildwood Road
Hammond, Indiana 46324

Music Therapy Program
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