American Conservatory of Music School of Music Therapy
 One of America's Foremost Music Educators

Dean of Asian Studies

School of Music Therapy.
  • 榮獲美國音樂院鋼琴,聲樂,交响樂指揮三科音樂演奏博士學位 American Conservatory of Music, DOCTOR OF MUSICAL
  • Northern Illinois University(NIU), Master of Music in Piano Performance (M.M.)
  • Northern Illinois University (NIU), Master’ program in Education Administration
  • Northern Illinois University(NIU), Master of Music in Voice performance and Symphonic Conducting (M.M.)
  • Roosevelt University, Chicago, Master's Program in Voice Performance (M.M.)
  • Soochow University, Bachelor of Arts in Voice performance (B.A.), Taiwan

嚴克映博士 Dr. Ke-Yin Yen Kilburn.

經歷Professional experience & positions

  • American Conservatory of Music (ACM), Dean of Asian Studies, Music Therapy Program
  • 1997 - present, Music Performance faculty member at Northern Illinois University(NIU),
    Kishwaukee College, and Waubonsee College, Illinois, USA
  • President of Mid-American Chinese Music Organization (MACMO)
  • Chairperson of Federation of Mid-American Chinese Academic Organizations, Inc. (FMACAO)
  • President of Chicago Chinese Music Therapy Association (CCMTA)
  • Chief Executive Officer of the Dr. Ke-Yin Yen Kilburn TV Channel
Greetings and welcome

On behalf of the American Conservatory of Music, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the School of Music Therapy headquartered in Belize, Central America.  In line with the mission of the Conservatory, I am committed to bringing only the highest possible integrity and quality to the Music Therapy programs at the American Conservatory of Music.   The faculty I have assembled are the very best in the music therapy field and will provide you with a superior learning experience, allowing you to give of your services in a Christian manner of agape for your fellow neighbor, both male and female alike.
Also, you will learn how music therapy integrates with the Holy Mysterions of the original Christian Body of Christ in its healing mission and peace engendering pursuits for the benefit of all humankind.  My superior academic officer, the Dean of the Conservatory, Rev. Father Daniel Gorham, oversees the spiritual and academic welfare of the faculty and students of the Conservatory.  He applies Orthodox Christian principles in setting the academic standards of the Conservatory in line with the Canon Law of the Holy Orthodox Church.  By this protection, students can be assured of the maintenance of standards equal to, or exceeding that of secular accreditation systems, worldwide.  We welcome your participation in the music therapy programs at the American Conservatory of Music.
Due to the principles of separation of Church and State, the music therapy programs of the American Conservatory of Music are not overseen by the Government of Belize's Ministry of Education, nor are they overseen by any secular accrediting bodies in the United States of America, nor are they overseen by any foreign governments worldwide, but they are overseen by the Ecclesiastical Court of the Holy Orthodox Church, thus protecting you from any alleged deviations from the standards mandated by the Holy Canon Law of the Holy Orthodox Catholic Church.