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Program of Study

Master of Arts in Music Therapy

The Music Therapy Program is a graduate degree program (Master of Arts) that acknowledges the unique gifts provided by the Creator (Architect, Mathematician, and Designer) of the Heavens and the Earth. It is He Who spoke into existence all creatures, great and small, and He is the Source of Life, and abundant Provider of our felicities. He is also the designer of Music, and in Heaven, one can hear the Music of the Spheres which is beyond all experience and knowledge of His earthly creatures.

Dean of Asian Studies

Dr. Ke-Yin Kilburn

Music Therapy Mission and Goals

In the Music Therapy Program, the student will become acquainted with how Music, Resonance, and Harmony can work together to bring an ailing patient towards wellness, while the patient is taught to meditate on the Holy Trinity as the source of communal love, grace, peace, and prosperity; whilst at the same time recognizing the need for the Creator to act as Physician of the body, soul, mind, and spirit, imparting grace and mercy and resolving all dissonances in favor of a synergistic union with the Divine Consonant Chord of Divine Will.

The student will also become intimately acquainted with the Glory of God's infinite Wisdom, which surpasses all mankind's limitations. Such knowledge of God's Wisdom will involve distinguishing between intelligence and wisdom. The student will discover how completely harmonious the universe is in its operation, and how consonant vibratory phenomena increase the resonance of power centers in each of God's creatures, and how the proper application of these principles can bring about healing and therapy.

The student will also be equipped with knowledge concerning the effect of musical styles upon a person, how these can either have a positive or negative effect upon the health and well-being of the precious souls of God's creatures. Additionally, the eschatological consequences of mankind's destiny will bring the student into awareness of the benefits of the Holy Mysterions of the Holy Spirit that each of us are called to receive for our spiritual well-being and for preparation for our eternal destiny in a place of light, a place of renewed life, a joyous place, shunned alike by pain and sorrow and sighing.

The student will be mentored by experienced faculty who will assist the student in working with healthcare professionals, including internships, and will participate in lab work which shall bring him/her into a nurturing environment in which therapies are learnt, patient care is effected, real concrete results manifested, and the satisfaction of making a difference among the sick and suffering.

Coordinator of Faculty

Dr. Hans C. Chang Justice

In Relation to the Canons of the Holy Greek Orthodox Church

The music therapy student will also be encouraged to bring to their patients options for spiritual care during the hospital stay. This involves delivery of the Holy Mysterions to those who request them. The responsibility of the student to counsel the patient on their need for spiritual care is of utmost importance that the music therapy program stresses in harmony with the practices of the Greek Orthodox Church, including that of a deep commitment to responsibility and service to the patients under their care.

In this program, the concept of the Door, the Narrow Path that leads to Eternal Life will be stressed and no part of this program will go to comparative religions which lead nowhere but to falsehoods and deception and into the wide path that leads to destruction, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. All elements of spiritism, false deities, and evil will have no part in any element of the music therapy program. The student will be expected to write a Thesis on a topic, approved by the Dean of Asian Studies, related to some important aspect of Music Therapy.

Coordinator of Students

Professor Hsien-Ping Liu/MD

In Relation to the Inner Peace Attainable by the Patient

The music therapy student will also be encouraged to bring to their patients plenteous solutions for them to attain that inner peace for which their natural God-given healing powers will be enhanced.  Caring for the complete person, the therapist will look to discover the forces both outside and inside the patient that bring dissonance and disease, both spiritual and physiological, and bring a solution to that problem that leads to abundant life.

The therapist will also arrange for the patient to be given access to all of the glorious Mysterions available from the Holy Spirit of God for healing and achievement of complete inner peace of the soul.  Through this ministry, the patient and the therapist will find a vibrant life of service and satisfaction as the healing process is fully manifested.


Festival Singers, Atlanta, Kansas City

Dr. William Baker, Music Director

Dr. Paul Jordan, Organ, Early Music

Dr. Roy C. Smith, Tenor

New York Metropolitan Opera

Berlin Oper

Dr. Christoph Bull, Organ

Dr. Frederick Hohmann, Organ

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