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ACM Master  of Arts in Self Healing  Program is related to the studies of self-healing of body, mind, and spirit. Encouraged by the International Self Healing Association, the main aim of this program at the American Conservatory of Music is for the benefits of public healthcare. By learning and practicing positive thinking, introspection, appreciation, feedback, enhancing mind, body, and spirit,developing awareness, expanding consciousness, opening internal dimensions ,self-healing and stay away from illnesses as well as create rich life.  In addition, the Self Healing Program is to promote the concept of self-healing of body, mind and spirit and training self-healing therapist, consultant and  professional lecturer.

The graduate studies of Self Healing course content included:Music (Medical) Therapy,Yellow Emperor Classic Medicine, Counseling Techniques & Internship ,Self Healing Illness Seminar,Nature Medicine, Information Energetic Studies of Magnetic Field, Meditation, Ultra-aware, Integration Approach of Medicine, Biological Information Field Guide, Human Energetics, The Acoustics, Quantum Message of Healing Therapy Field, Brainwave, Consciousness, Cosmic law,Keshe Technology, Mind Intuition, Light Flow Respiration, Back to Self-Treatment,  Energy Field,Frequency, Dimension, Density,Information FM Technology, Pineal, Awakening, Exquisite body,Light Language, Light Body,  Sacred Geometry, New Earth (Crystal Grid), Parallel Universe, Energy Grid, Cosmic Grid, Dark Matter, Antimatter, Dark Energy, Quantum Entanglement,Soul Mission,Energy Imprint, DNA, Fiber Coding,  Perception, Human Awakening and Ascension ....... How to Convert Energy? How to create rich? How to stay away from disease? The cure for cancer and mental illness.

美國音樂院自我療癒藝術碩士課程是關於身心靈的自我療癒研究課程 。成立此課程的主要目的是為了讓人們從中受惠,學會正向思考,內 省,感恩,回饋,提昇心性,開發覺知力,拓展意識, 開啟內在維度,自我療愈,藉以遠離病痛,創造豐盛的生命。 除此之外更以推廣身心靈自我療癒理念,培訓身心靈自我療癒師, 諮詢師及身心靈自我療癒專業講師為職志

自我療癒藝術研究所課程內容包括:自我療癒,音樂醫(治)療, 黃帝內經,諮商技巧與實習,自我療癒疾病研究,自然醫學, 信息能量學,磁場學,冥想靜坐,超感知,整合式醫學,生物場導, 人體能量學,聲學,量子訊息療癒,腦波,意識,宇宙律,凱史科技 ,直覺力,光啟DNA光流呼吸, 回溯自療, 食氣, 信息調頻技術 ,能量場,頻率,次元維度,密度,金字塔,松果体,觉醒, 精緻身體,光的語言,光體,神聖幾何,新地球(水晶網格), 平行宇宙,能量網格,宇宙网格,暗物質,反物質,暗能量, 量子糾纏,灵魂使命,能量印記,DNA,光纖編碼,,覺知力, 人類的覺醒與揚升.......如何轉換能量場?如何創造豐盛? 如何遠離疾病? 癌症與精神疾病的療癒......等。


Total:30 Credits 學分
Per credit : US$300 For Residents of Taiwan, China, S. Korea, Vietnam, and Japan demonstrating a bona-fide financial inability to pay normal tuition rate of $495 per credit.  Financial affidavit and Certified Statement of Financial Condition required.
Application Fee: $50
Registration Fee: $125
Resource Fee: $125
Graduation Fee: $375
Credit Card Surcharge Fee: 5% (Please note: All such credit card transactions are nonrefundable including the surcharge fee.)
Bank Wire Fee: $50.00

ACMSH 501  Self Healing -1  自我療癒 -1  3 credits (Dr. Kilburn )
ACMSH 502  Self Healing -2  自我療癒 -2  3 credits (Dr. Kilburn )
ACMSH 503  Music Therapy 音樂療法  3 credits  (Dr. Kilburn )
ACMSH 504 Breathing Techniques & Meditation Practice 呼吸吐納冥想静坐/ 光啓DNA光流呼吸  (Dr. Kilburn )
ACMSH 505  Trinity Medicine-1 靈心身合醫 - 1 (Dr. Kilburn)
ACMSH 506  Trinity Medicine-2 靈心身合醫 - 2 (Dr. Kilburn)

ACMSH 507 自我療癒疾病研究 Self Healing illness seminar Dr. Kilburn

ACMSH 508 東正教史 History of Orthodoxy     Dr. Schulze
ACMSH 509 諮商技巧與實習 Counseling techniques & Internship Dr. Kilburn

ACMSH 510 硕士論文 Dissertation  Dr. Schulze /Dr. Ho
Master of Arts in Self Healing Program
1st installment of tuition
($300x6=$1,800) Term One (Not including Fees)
ACMSE 505 Trinity Medicine-1 靈心身合醫 - 1 (Dr. Kilburn)
ACMSE 506 Trinity Medicine-2 靈心身合醫 - 2 (Dr. Kilburn)

2nd installment of tuition ($300x12=$3,600)  Term Two  (Not including Fees)

ACMSE 501 Self Healing -1 自我療癒 -1 3 credits ,Dr. Kilburn
ACMSE 502 Self Healing -2 自我療癒 -2 3 credits , Dr. Kilburn
CMSE 503 Music Therapy 音樂療法 3 credits , Dr. Kilburn
ACMSE 504 Breathing Techniques & Meditation Practice 呼吸吐納冥想静坐/ 光啓DNA光流呼吸 , Dr. Kilburn
3rd installment of tuition($300x6=$1,800) Term Three  (Not including Fees)

ACMSE 508 東正教史 History of Orthodoxy  Dr. Schulze
ACMSE 510 硕士論文 Dissertation Dr. Schulze

4th installment of tuition
($300x6=$1,800) Term Four  (Not including Fees)
ACMSE 507自我療癒疾病研究 Self Healing illness seminar , Dr. Kilburn
ACMSE 509 諮商技巧與實習 Counseling techniques & Internship
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